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With annual dues of only $35 for an individual or $60 for a family of up to 3 members, you will have access to several benefits as well as the opportunity to help promote and expand the sport of pickleball in the San Francisco Bay Area.

When you sign up as a member, you'll receive access to our Membership Directory and our Member's Forum.

Choose your plan

  • Individual Membership

    Every year
  • Family Membership

    Every year

Direct benefits to YOU include:

Member discounts for GGP tournaments and social events. The savings for ONE tournament almost covers the cost of a year’s membership. 
 Member Discount Codes for 10% off at certain pickleball vendors such as Spartus and Pickleball Central. 
 Member discounts on merchandise. 
 Member-exclusive clinics and coaching, including pre-tournament coaching for certain tournaments. 
 Free paddle drawings and giveaways. We have given away over 40 FREE professional-quality paddles to 
paid members thru raffles, drawings, and flash give-aways. 
 Evaluation of pickleball skills rating based on the USAPA rating scale. 
 Ball machine and Vaptr rental 
 Saturday Morning Challenge Court at Louis Sutter – Every Saturday morning, weather permitting, we 
provide FREE coffee, donuts, fruit, and other snacks, as well as demo paddles. 
 Fun pickleball social events such as member potluck barbeques and picnics, PB Watch Parties, dance 
parties, and many other social events organized for our members! 
 Members are insured by USAP for any formal or informal GGP-hosted activities. 
 The more members, the more representation, and the bigger voice we have to advocate for the local 
pickleball community. This benefits all of us!

Your Golden Gate Pickleball member dues allow us to provide the following:

Perform community and neighborhood outreach, including demos, coaching, and clinics. Youth programs include starter kit grants to schools, educational clinics for students and faculty, assisting 
in start-ups of school clubs, assisting in lining new courts, organizing competitive youth tournaments 
around the Bay Area, and providing pathways for youth development and collegiate scholarships. 
 Collaboration with a network of Bay Area pickleball organizations and national companies to build a 
pathway from amateur to professional level play. This includes the GGP-sponsored and hosted Battle of 
the Bay Invitational MLP to showcase the highest DUPR-rated amateurs in the greater Bay Area. 
 Advocate for the expansion of facilities dedicated to the sport, including working with local government 
agencies and other pickleball groups to improve existing facilities and to identify potential locations for 
more pickleball courts. Always with an emphasis on dedicated courts. 
 Fund expenses for purchase and maintenance of pickleball courts and equipment, including balls, ball 
machines, nets, chalk/tape for lines, and court drying machines (i.e., Vaptr and squeegees). 

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