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Larsen Pickleball Complex - Sunset District

On Dec. 18, 2023, San Francisco Rec and Park opened their newest pickleball facility, Larsen Pickleball Complex. Larsen has 8 brand new dedicated pickleball courts with new fencing and windscreens. These courts are free and open to the public and dedicated to drop-in play only with a "next up" paddle queue system. 4 upper courts are for a higher level of play and the 4 lower courts are for beginners/lower play. There are restrooms on-site and plenty of parking

Where: 850 Vicente St., San Francisco 94116 (Sunset District)

When: Open Play/Daylight Hours

Reservations Needed: No

Cost: Free

Pro Tip: Can get very busy on the weekends. Ingress/Egress to the courts are problematic, otherwise it's a very fun and competitive place to play. Look for "Ambassadors" to answer any questions.


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